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WWOOF South Korea

WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) was One of the most beautiful experiences, volunteer work in organic farms, wonderful people and fabulous community. Thanks for having us Dory farm. 

Cecilia making Kimchi (look at the map, America on the right side)


Cute.. & The goat was pregnant.


            Planting Chili Peppers and having an amazing  afternoon. In my experience planting is another way to meditate and I love it.

Fermenting different kind of spices and kimchi
Mushrooms Route
Cecilia planting Chili Peppers
Having a delicious and fun BBQ

Cecilia and Victor 
Cecilia, Yuliana and I
Victor and I
Community working together (neighbor)

We were doing WWOOFing last summer on the Dory farm for 10 days. The weather, the area, the people and the organic food were incredible. Very fun experience planting with the community, absolutely good opportunity to learn working with mother earth and being a team with people from a different culture, especially with the language, we dont speak Korean, and it was our 3rd week in South Korea.

 Dory farm is in Gyeongju  around 2 hours north of Busan or 3 hours south east of Seoul. Also Gyeongju is a nice city to visit with many interesting things to see and visit. Check out my Blog on Gyeongju. 

You can go to Gyeongju by Bus, Train, Korea Train eXpress (KTX) . 

A one year WWOOF membership is cheap(about 50usd).
We have met great people  involved in the program.

We are waiting for summer to start WWOOF again where?? I guess we have to wait and see!

Of course, I recommend and  encourage you to do WWOOF anywhere around the world.

The web:

South Korea:

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Simple ideas

Decorate your home...  easy and cute!
Fácil y lindo... decora tu casa! 

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Free People Presents Love Stories: Jason & Jenny


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Free People Presents The Ride ft. Erin Wasson

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Gyeongju, South Korea

Gyeongju, South Korea fue genial!! Fuimos el ultimo fin de semana de febrero para Ano nuevo lunar. La ciudad es hermosa con una construccion Koreana muy tradicional que conserva la arquitectura característica de Asia. Fue una ciudad importante dentro de las dinastias en korea y la capital por mucho tiempo. Las tumbas de importantes reyes y personalidades están alrededor de toda la ciudad como pequenos montes, también el observatorio mas antiguo en Asia.  Mi fascinación en Asia es por los templos Budistas, las estatuas e imágenes de budha(s) y los colores, siempre estoy impresionada. Este viaje fue solo por 3 dias pero alcanzamos a ver bastante de la ciudad, visitar templos, caminatas a las montanas para ver los Budhas tallados en roca e Incluso rentar Bicicletas y hacer un tour bastante divertido, los atardeceres un par de palabras, maravillosos y románticos! 

Gyeongju, South Korea was great! We went the last weekend of February for Lunar New Year. The city is so beautiful with a traditional Korean construction very characteristic architecture from Asia. Gyeongju was an important city for the dynasties in korea and the capital long time ago. The tombs of kings and important personalities are around the city like little mountains. My fascination in Asia (South Korea) are the Buddhist temples, statues and images of Buddha(s) and the color around this places, oh my... I am always impressed. This trip was only for 3 days but enough to see the city, visit temples, hike to the mountains to see the Buddhas carved in rock and also to rent bikes and make a pretty funny tour around the city. The sunsets a couple words wonderful and romantic!